Founded in 2014, IDH Switzerland is your preferred partner for the distribution of innovative products with high added technological value.

Our team is at your disposal to efficiently bring your most innovative products to market.


100% tea leaves, nothing else. It is grown and produced in a unique way by artisan growers in Japan. The leaves are not infused but ground into a very fine powder. The entire tea leaf is consumed, providing a phenomenal amount of antioxidants (137x more than in brewed tea!).

Solight Design

SolarPuff and SolarHelix are high-performance LED solar lamps that can be used both outdoors and indoors. They are already helping populations with limited access to energy sources.


Ecoway is a range of home care products using the power of nature. Bacteria, from which they are derived, are 500 times more efficient than chemicals, and they don't pollute because they are nature! Take advantage of our introductory offer.


In a world where technologies have become essential communication and connection tools in our daily lives, Celly designs accessories to help people amplify the potential of the technologies around them.


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